April 15th, 2012

[white collar] holding on + letting go


So a bit more of a varied post this time around because it contains more than just one fandom.  So this round of inspired20in20 was the first one I have taken part in, and I wasn't sure what to do for it - then the lovely Katrina (vampire_sessah) suggested that we give each other prompts and work with those and MY GOD did it make it that much more fun!  So thanks again for that idea; it was wonderful!  I also made a few Justified and White Collar icons - but I plan to make a lot more next post, especially Justified as that is my claim for the next round of 20inspirations - anyway, enough yapping from me and onto the icons!

26 | nikita for inspired20in20 (including alts/extras)
12 | nikita
06 | white collar
08 | justified
09 | celebs

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